DALLAS—Neiman Marcus will send its inaugural corporate gift catalog April 1, to its over 97,000 corporate account holders nationwide, said CEO Bob Marcus.

“Today’s successful organizations use gifts to motivate and incentivize employees. We’re confident that our catalog can stimulate competitive drive and grow businesses.” said vice president of corporate sales, Randi McCollum.

The merchandise includes crystal-plated decorative pieces, writing instruments, watches, stationery and other accessories. All selections are customizable and range in price from a $25 pen and pencil set to a $10,000 jewel-encrusted laptop, said McCollum.

The year-long catalog, “A Gift for Business,” is free to corporate account holders and can be accessed via print, online or mobile app. It follows on the heels of the company’s first holiday corporate gift catalog which saw a 10 percent increase in sales last year. The company plans to use its extra revenue from the sales increase to open three more stores in 2017, said McCollum.

Corporate account holders can call the corporate account liaison, Liz Barrett, at 214-573-5783 to order, or fill out forms online or on the mobile app.