SANTA ANA, Calif.— A leader in the protective-coating-technology industry, Line-X will release the first ecologically safe and guaranteed-for-life product on March 1, said CEO J.B. Burtin.

The EPA-approved Formula CIF protects surfaces from sunrays, prevents slipping, improves footing and does not break. Farming, mining, lumber and cattle industries represent 80 percent of the company’s revenue, but other non-outdoor businesses also purchase its products, said Burtin.

Line-X specializes in spray-in-place-polyurethane-surface-coating-technologies. In the application process, two compounds are mixed together at a high pressure and temperature. The product dries in under five seconds and can withstand extreme temperatures, said Burtin.

Formula CIF was developed over five years with an investment of $1 million. The product comes in seven colors and and contains no volatile organic compounds, which can cause cancer, said Burtin.

“This is only the beginning of our company’s effort in decreasing its ecological footprint,” said Burtin.

Because of the high pressure and temperature during the application process, customers must purchase Line-X products from one of 480 licensed dealers across the country. Formula CIF costs $25 per square foot to install, said Burtin.

Prospective customers can call Line-X at 714-850-1370 to order.